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1. Singsing is Tok Pisin for a performance in which people sing and dance. Usually singsings involve traditional songs and dances, but in modern parlance a sing-along, either a capella or accompanied by guitar is also called a singsing.

2. This was when Bruce Rogers asked us the question quoted in the introduction to this essay..

3. An explanatory aside: Escapees have adopted the letters SKP as their acronym. When said rapidly the letters pronounce the name of the club. The letters stand for the values espoused by club members: Sharing Karing People, Special Kind of People, Sharing Knowledge and Parking, etc. Club members often call themselves Skips.

4. Kaliai stories such as "Akro and Gagandewa" or "Moro" explore the problems of mythic proportions that arise when a human marries or offends one of these Others (Counts 1980;.1994).To read the text of some Some Kaliai Stories click here

5. The last third of a 26 minute VHS video film called On The Road, produced by Asterisk Productions, was made at the CARE center in the fall of 1966 and illustrates, how the centre works. The video is available from Bullfrog Films PO Box 149, Olea, PA USA 19547-9989. Click here to go to their web site

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