West New Britain Links

For information about the country of Papua New Guinea go to the government website http://www.pngonline.gov.pg/.

For some basic information about West New Britain look at the informative westnb.htm website about the province. To find your way around, go to the map and placename website.PP123.htm For information about the climate go to wnb.HTM website For information about the culture go to wnb.HTM website. Sapos u laik lukim wanpela website bilong Arts Festival istap long tok pisin dispela s204979.htm em i gutpela.

Interested in information on air bases in West New Britain during World War II? png_westnewbritain.html If so, this website is for you!

For access to the World Wide Web Virtual Library's page on West New Britain click here Islands.htm

The Nature Conservancy working to save Kimbe Bay has a website here art6726.html

Go to obsidian.htm for information on archaeology on Garua Island in West New Britain

Pasifik Nius, index.htmlpublished by the Journalism Programme of the University of the South Pacific, is also an educational resource that provides access to news across the Pacific.

For information on newspapers throughout the Pacific try this http://www.newsd.com/news/press/oc/pg/ site

French speaking scholars will find this website aainfo.html delightful and informative

If you are interested in knowing something about agriculture in Papua New Guinea, go to the Bibliography of Agriculture, http://database.anu.edu.au/rspas/hug/pngagbib/, compiled by the Research School of Pacific and Asian Studies at Australian National University. The following website has information on PNG's provinces, including West New Britain prov4.htm

People who want to know more about anthropological research in the Pacific Islands--Melanesia, Micronesia, and Polynesia--should visit the Association for Social Anthropology in Oceania (ASAO) web page.

The website of the journal Anthropos is http://www.anthropos-journal.de/

The website of the Melanesian Interest Group of the American Anthropological Association is located at http://www.melanesia.org/

The Centre for Pacific and Asian Studies also has a web page.http://www.kun.nl/cps/ It links to the Centre's publication Oceanic Newsletter and also provides information on the research and publications of the members of the Centre.

The website for the European Society for Oceanists is //cc.joensuu.fi/esfo/

Some links to websites of anthropologists who have done research elsewhere in the Pacific are

Travellers to the Pacific and looking for health information go to The World Health Organization site http://www.who.int/home-page/ has information on vaccination requirements and health advice, with a listing by countries. It is the hypertext version of the WHO book International Travel and Health.

Link to the Melanesian Archives at the University of California, San Diego, which house important resources on West New Britain.

Link to the register of Ann Chowning field notes and essays.

Use Google search engine to search for West New Britain links. The address is http://www.google.com/search?q=West+New+Britain&x=13&y=23.

To go to websites for and by former PNG kiaps (patrol officers) that are rich in information and links to other sites go here http://www.pngaa.net/ or here: http://exkiap.net/

You can access web directory leading to a variety of websites of anthropological interest here http://keoz6.com/anthropology/


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