West New Britain


This web page is for people who are interested in West New Britain. The webmasters at this site are Dorothy and David Counts who did research as anthropologists in West New Britain between 1966 and 2003. We hope to use this site to provide information about West New Britain, make contact with others who are interested in West New Britain, and to keep up to date with research and developments there

 Below we present a bibliography of publications on West New Britain, with online text versions of some of the articles. If you know of Web pages, publications, or news or current research which you would like to share, send us URLs, names of publications, or just some info, and we'll post your material here. If you just want to chat with us, e-mail us for that too. If you're interested in being on an e-mail list to receive materials and messages sent by others, indicate that in your e-mail.

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Curriculum Vitae can be found here for: Naomi McPherson, David Counts, Dorothy Counts

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