Images of West New Britain

The masked Aulu figures (ancestor spirits) dance in celebration of the incorporation of children into their paternal lineage group (kambu). 1967.

A first-born Kandokan child prepares to be introduced to the ancestor spirits

Kamilus Kolia and Bruce Counts (age 4) dance with the masked Aulu (ancestor spirits). Kolia's presentation of Bruce, the Counts' oldest son, to the ancestors marks the formal acceptance of the anthropologist family by the village of Kandoka. 1967.

Teresia Bakali teaches her daughter Immaculata Goropo (Maki)
age 5, a traditional string game. Kandoka village, Kaliai, West New Britain 1971.

Education traditional Kaliai style: Kamilus Kolia teaches his grandson, Kisa Soko, a design owned by their patriline, Viliku. 1967.

David Riley and Stephen Counts (ages 6 and 2) play marbles with Kandokan children. 1976.

All photos are © Dorothy and David Counts

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